Mitch Friedman's 

Purple Burt:

Winner of National Parenting Publications Award, 2005

What's the Story?

Purple Burt is the offbeat, rhyming musical story of an invisible boy named Burt. Burt was born purple, just like his dad Albert and his brother Herbert (who lives in a tin of herbal sherburt.) Because he gets teased for being different, Burt wants more than anything not to stick out from all the other children. One day, while jumping his magical hope rope, he gets his wish, and then some -- he suddenly becomes invisible and colorblind! Unfortunately, the same thing happens to Purple Burt's dad - and to this day he's still nowhere to be found. Burt has an unfair advantage in games of hide and seek, and the other kids want to know where he gets the dirt he eats for extra energy. Purple Burt makes friends wherever he goes, including his best friend Kurt the not-so-happy snapping turtle, a bouncing cow called Moo-Moo, a guy named Chazz who wears a calico cat for a hat, kooky scientist Dr. Fritz Von Nozzle, and his darling, singing girlfriend Do-Re-Mimi. He tries to benefit from his colorblindness by learning to feel colors and loves it so much that he sits in a prism tree, rides the side of a rainbow, and gets one zillion color TVs. He even finds the time to fit in some skiing on Pluto. Although he misses his daddy very much, and is sometimes frustrated with being colorblind and invisible, Purple Burt is all about having fun and looking on the bright side of life. 

Purple Burt is a boy and a world that all kids will relate to. The very recognizable themes of playfulness, humor, individuality, love,and longing come across clearly and colorfully. 

The adorable artwork on both the cd and this web site was created by Anne D. Bernstein. 

Purple Burt features some very special guest stars too. Andy Partridge, the genius behind the UK pop group XTC, co-writes one song and plays guitar on another. Dave Gregory, formerly of XTC, creates the imaginative backing track on "Color Feel.” Home recording legend R. Stevie Moore and his wife Krys O. add their instrumental and vocal talents to two more songs. And finally illustrator Anne D. Bernstein puts down her crayons and provides guest vocals on two more numbers. All other sounds and vocals were created by Mitch Friedman, who wrote and produced the album at his home studio, located in Brooklyn, NY. 


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