Mitch Friedman's 

Purple Burt:

Winner of National Parenting Publications Award, 2005

Mitch Friedman's Purple Burt

All songs written by Mitch Friedman except "Pluto" (lyrics by Mitch/music by Andy Partridge)

All songs performed and recorded by Mitch Friedman except "Purple Burt": contains samples of playing by Dave Gregory and R. Stevie Moore "Where'd Ya Get That Dirt?": Anne D. Bernstein - vocals "Wonder Where": The Wonderlings (R. Stevie Moore and Krys Olsiewicz) - doo-wop vocals "Color Feel": Dave Gregory - EVERYTHING except the singing "What a Gas!": R. Stevie Moore - guitars, bass, keyboards, synths "Do-Re-Mimi": Anne D. Bernstein - vocals "Try This On For Size": Andy Partridge - electric guitars

Produced by Mitch Friedman at home except "Wonder Where" and "What a Gas!" co-produced by R. Stevie Moore at CDRSM, Bloomfield, N.J. and "Color Feel" co-produced/mixed by Dave Gregory at Tonsiltown, U. K. Andy Partridge's guitar parts on "Try This On For Size" recorded in The Shed, Swindon, U. K.

Packaging illustrations, photo and design by Anne D. Bernstein, with suggestions and help by Mitch Friedman and Andy Partridge. Assembled by Jim O'Neill

Mastered by David Torrey at DRT Mastering, New Hampshire

Vividly colorful and visible thanks to Martin Newell for first suggesting the idea of this album; Andy Partridge for an unsolicited identical second opinion on the matter as well as hours of advice, ideas, and encouragement; Anne D. Bernstein for her love, support, enthusiasm, singing and talents with ink and crayons; R. Stevie Moore, Krys O., Dave Gregory and Andy P. for doing all the amazing stuff I could never do myself; Steve Somerset and Jim Smart for the friendly competition; and Doug Miller for coming up with the name "Purple Burt" all those years ago.

Dave Gregory appears courtesy of Starling Ritz Records Ltd. R. Stevie Moore and Krys O. appear courtesy of themselves Andy Partridge appears courtesy of APE and Idea Records "Pluto" co-published by EMI

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Dedicated to Papa Harry - the biggest kid ever

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