Mitch Friedman's 

Purple Burt:

Winner of National Parenting Publications Award, 2005


Finally, Do-Re-Mimi's first single "Sing Anyway" has hit the stores. Her new manager Morty Moneyman is very excited about it. He can't wait to make her a superstar. Meanwhile, Purple Burt's really fat, bouncing cow Moo-Moo has been making delicious instant milkshakes every time she bounces. Between the milkshakes and "Sing Anyway,” kids in Purple Burt's town are having a great time. And thanks to the tv commercial that has been playing every hour, just about every kid in town now has their own Hope-Rope too. 

But is Purple Burt any happier? Has he found his Dad? Is he still invisible? Stay tuned for FURTHER BURT!

These songs are a thank you to everyone who has said such nice things about the cd, and for all the kids who want to hear more.

(All new songs written and performed by Mitch Friedman, except "Sing Anyway" which features Anne D. Bernstein on vocals, and Jim Smart playing the electric guitar solos.)


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