Mitch Friedman's 

Purple Burt:

Winner of National Parenting Publications Award, 2005


BIO: Oldest child of Purple Albert and Petunia . . . Born purple, became colorblind and invisible jumping a hope rope . . . Younger brother is Purple Herbert . . . Best friend is Kurt, the snapping turtle . . . Girlfriend is Do-Re-Mimi, who recently moved away . . . Eats purple dirt to stay alert . . . Would love to ski on Pluto

Favorite color - All of them that are close by

Favorite food - Anything but purple dirt

Favorite song - "Purple Burt" by Mitch Friedman, of course!Favorite thing to do - Be with Do-Re-Mimi

Favorite holiday - Flavor Day

Favorite sport - skiing

Favorite toy - my Hope Rope

When I grow up I want to be - visible!!


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