Mitch Friedman's 

Purple Burt:

Winner of National Parenting Publications Award, 2005


BIO: Owner and only employee of "Love It!" clothing store for men since 1976 . . . Purchases weird clothes from around the world . . . Has over 10,000 78's in his record collection . . . Owns a dog named Rufus McGillicutty Mackintosh

Favorite color - Plaid

Favorite food - Hushpuppies

Favorite shoe - Hushpuppies

Favorite song - "Cowboy Boots and a 3 Piece Suit" by Crazy Charlie Hossenfeffer

Favorite saying - Trust me

If I could have one wish come true it would be - to get back that pair of live chameleon suspenders that I sold to some guy in the early '80s. Man, those things went with anything!


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